Leverage PDF Files as Searchable Datasources with AskMyDocs.ai

published July 20, 2023

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In the world of knowledge management, PDF files are ubiquitous. They hold valuable information, ranging from detailed product manuals to research reports, and are widely used in various industries. We, at AskMyDocs.ai, understand the wealth of knowledge that is encapsulated within these files. Therefore, we’ve introduced a new feature that enables users to upload PDF files and use them as a datasource.

How to Use PDFs as a Datasource

  1. Navigate to the ‘Data Sources’ section on AskMyDocs.ai.
  2. Click on ‘Add Data Source’, and select ‘PDF’.
  3. Click on ‘Upload File’, and select the PDF you want to use as a datasource.
  4. Once the PDF is uploaded, AskMyDocs.ai will process the file and make the contained information accessible and queryable.
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Why Use PDFs as a Datasource?

PDFs hold a vast amount of structured and unstructured data that can be used to feed AskMyDocs.ai. By uploading your PDFs as a datasource, AskMyDocs.ai can extract and utilize the embedded information, thereby providing more detailed and accurate answers based on the content of your PDFs.

Use Cases

Contract Documents Legal teams can upload their contracts or legal documents in PDF format, allowing for a quick reference guide that can answer specific questions related to various legal or contractual topics.

Lab Instrument Manuals

Laboratories can upload PDFs of their complex instrument manuals. This enables lab technicians and researchers to quickly and accurately find information about the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of various lab instruments. This can significantly reduce the time spent on manual look-ups, and ensure the correct and optimal usage of these instruments.

College Textbooks

Students can upload PDFs of college textbooks, making them a searchable resource. Instead of spending hours flipping through hundreds of pages, students can easily extract relevant information from their textbooks by querying specific topics or sections. This can be an excellent tool for quick revision, understanding complex topics, or researching for assignments and projects

Corporate Policies & Procedures

Internal employees can query specific details about company policies and procedures. This is especially useful for HR departments that can upload PDFs of company handbooks, making them searchable and easily accessible for all employees.

Product Manuals

Product teams can upload detailed PDFs of their product manuals. This allows customer service representatives to quickly find and provide accurate information to customers about product usage, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Sales & Marketing Collateral

Sales and Marketing teams can upload their brochures, pitch decks, and white papers in PDF format. This can act as a comprehensive database for quick reference during customer interactions or strategy planning sessions.

Research Reports

Teams conducting market research or competitive analysis can upload their findings and reports as PDFs. This allows stakeholders across the company to access key insights and data points, supporting informed decision-making

Training Materials

Learning and Development teams can upload training modules, lessons, or guides in PDF format, making them searchable and easily accessible for employees undergoing training or upskilling.

Technical Whitepapers

Tech companies can upload their technical whitepapers as PDFs, enabling interested parties to find detailed answers to their technical queries.


The ability to use PDFs as a datasource is a significant step towards making AskMyDocs.ai more versatile and valuable to our users. Whether you want to enhance customer support, simplify research, or improve learning outcomes, integrating PDFs into AskMyDocs.ai can significantly streamline and enhance your information management. So, start uploading your PDFs today and unlock the full potential of your documentation.

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