AskMyDocs Integration for Slack Guide

published August 3, 2023

Supercharge Slack with AskMyDocs

Instant, intelligent responses from your documents, directly in your Slack channels. No searching, just finding.

Ask your docs within Slack

Install the AskMyDocs app for Slack for effortless access to your documents without leaving your Slack workspace. This seamless integration means no disruption to your existing workflow, no need to remember yet another password. Simply ask your questions within Slack and watch as AskMyDocs swiftly brings you the answers you need.

Easy Installation Flow

1. Install the AskMyDocs app for Slack

Navigate to Integration > AskMyDocs for Slack, then click Install AskMyDocs App for Slack App.

step 1 of the integration for Slack

2. Click “Add to Slack”

The previous step will open a new page with an “Add to Slack” button, click it.

step 2 of the integration for Slack

3. Connect your account

Once the app for Slack is installed in your workspace, navigate to the app Home page. Then click the “connect” button. This will open AskMyDocs and automatically connect your account.

step 3 of the integration for Slack

4. Now you’re connected

Now that your app is connected, you can add users.

step 4 of the integration for Slack

5. Select users the that can use the app

These users will be able to use the AskMyDocs app for Slack. The number of users depends on your plan.

step 5 of the integration for Slack

6. You’re all set!

You can select a datastore in the AskMyDocs integration for Slack page. Tag @AskMyDocs and follow with your question and watch as we get you the exact answer to your question.

step 6 of the integration for Slack

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